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Student Survey

At DPS, we believe we must focus on more than academics to ensure our graduates are truly prepared for college and career. We believe we must focus on supporting the Whole Child – meaning students are challenged, engaged, supported, safe, healthy, and social and emotionally intelligent. The Whole Child Student Survey is our measurement tool, designed to provide meaningful data to track how our schools are performing on each of these components of the Whole Child.

We are one of the first districts in the nation to attempt to define our Whole Child focus and to gather data that shows whether our students are making progress in these critical areas. We know we won’t reach our district vision of Every Child Succeeds without this focus.

Data Tells a Story

2017-18 Survey Results

Below are the results of the 2017-18 Whole Child Student Survey. The districtwide results are listed at the top with searchable and sortable tables below. You can search for a specific school by name or sort schools by their results in any column.

Students were asked to rate how they felt about each of the six Whole Child components: Challenged, Engaged, Healthy, Safe, Socially-Emotionally Intelligent and Supported.

OverallChallengedEngagedHealthySafeSocially & Emotionally IntelligentSupported
Academia Ana Marie Sandoval79%75%78%80%48%85%81%
Academy 36090%89%90%88%66%90%92%
Asbury Elementary School88%84%87%86%67%90%89%
Ashley Elementary School76%76%75%80%43%83%77%
Barnum Elementary School86%86%83%85%54%86%88%
Beach Court Elementary School80%81%80%80%62%82%83%
Bradley International School93%88%91%92%73%93%92%
Bromwell Elementary School94%90%92%91%77%94%94%
Brown International Academy89%88%87%88%65%90%90%
Bryant Webster Dual Language ECE-886%85%84%84%61%87%88%
Carson Elementary School88%85%87%88%67%90%90%
Castro Elementary School91%88%89%89%67%90%91%
Centennial School90%87%89%86%66%91%90%
Center for Talent Development at Greenlee93%91%90%88%62%92%94%
Cesar Chavez Academy Denver82%81%82%80%50%87%84%
Charles M Schenck (CMS) Community School85%83%84%83%56%86%86%
Cheltenham Elementary School90%90%87%86%65%89%92%
Cole Arts and Science Academy85%85%83%83%57%86%88%
Colfax Elementary School83%83%82%83%56%85%86%
College View Elementary School92%91%90%87%66%91%93%
Columbian Elementary School92%91%90%88%65%90%94%
Columbine Elementary School88%88%86%83%50%88%90%
Cory Elementary School88%86%88%88%66%91%88%
Cowell Elementary School85%84%83%85%60%87%85%
Creativity Challenge Community (C3)89%86%88%88%75%91%88%
DCIS at Fairmont81%78%80%84%54%88%81%
DCIS at Ford90%90%89%88%68%91%91%
Denison Montessori School89%86%87%89%68%90%89%
Denver Green School92%90%90%89%66%93%92%
Denver Language School87%83%85%86%61%89%88%
Dora Moore ECE-8 School85%83%83%84%55%86%87%
Doull Elementary School91%90%90%88%72%90%92%
Downtown Denver Expeditionary School86%84%85%84%60%89%87%
Eagleton Elementary School87%86%86%84%60%89%89%
Edison Elementary School90%88%89%90%69%93%90%
Ellis Elementary School88%86%87%87%66%89%89%
Fairview Elementary School85%84%85%84%60%86%87%
Farrell B. Howell ECE-8 School84%83%82%82%54%85%86%
Florida Pitt-Waller ECE-8 School84%83%82%82%49%87%85%
Force Elementary School92%92%90%88%69%91%93%
Garden Place Academy84%82%81%83%56%84%85%
Godsman Elementary School89%87%87%87%65%89%89%
Goldrick Elementary School90%90%88%85%60%89%91%
Grant Ranch ECE-8 School88%87%88%86%64%91%89%
Green Valley Elementary School82%80%81%83%51%88%82%
Gust Elementary School84%84%82%83%56%87%86%
Hallett Academy76%77%72%76%38%79%82%
High Tech Elementary School87%83%85%87%61%91%86%
Highline Academy Northeast84%81%82%84%57%87%84%
Highline Academy Southeast79%76%77%81%50%84%79%
Holm Elementary School89%87%88%87%62%90%89%
International Academy of Denver at Harrington88%89%86%85%61%88%91%
Isabella Bird Community School88%84%86%87%60%91%88%
Joe Shoemaker School81%79%81%82%51%83%83%
John H. Amesse86%83%84%86%60%89%86%
Johnson Elementary School87%85%85%85%61%88%88%
Kaiser Elementary School83%81%80%83%54%87%84%
KIPP Northeast Denver Middle School63%69%64%65%37%72%70%
KIPP Northeast Elementary83%83%81%83%58%84%86%
KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy81%80%78%77%52%82%82%
Knapp Elementary School91%89%89%89%68%90%91%
Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy ES87%85%85%83%61%89%88%
Lena Archuleta Elementary91%88%88%89%74%91%91%
Lincoln Elementary School89%86%87%88%68%92%89%
Lowry Elementary School93%89%91%91%66%93%93%
Marrama Elementary School84%83%83%82%52%85%85%
Math and Science Leadership Academy93%92%93%91%80%93%93%
Maxwell Elementary School87%86%85%83%57%89%89%
McGlone Academy85%85%83%81%49%85%87%
McKinley-Thatcher Elementary School91%89%88%89%73%91%92%
McMeen Elementary School88%86%86%86%63%89%89%
Monarch Montessori87%87%87%85%60%89%90%
Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment86%84%84%84%58%88%88%
Munroe Elementary School91%90%89%88%67%92%91%
Newlon Elementary School93%91%91%90%70%92%93%
Oakland Elementary School89%87%87%86%60%90%90%
Odyssey School of Denver88%86%84%87%62%91%89%
Omar D Blair Charter School74%75%74%77%39%82%77%
Palmer Elementary School88%85%87%86%60%89%89%
Park Hill School90%87%89%89%72%92%90%
Place Bridge Academy84%85%82%82%55%85%87%
Polaris Elementary School92%87%89%91%76%92%90%
REACH Charter School*******
Rocky Mountain Prep Creekside78%77%76%77%45%82%80%
Rocky Mountain Prep Southwest94%90%90%89%76%93%94%
Roots Elementary80%80%81%79%41%84%81%
Sabin World School89%88%87%85%59%89%89%
Samuels Elementary School88%87%87%85%62%88%90%
Schmitt Elementary School84%83%81%83%51%84%87%
Slavens K-8 School98%96%96%96%89%97%98%
Smith Elementary School82%83%80%80%50%82%85%
SOAR at Green Valley Ranch84%83%82%82%49%87%85%
Southmoor Elementary School91%88%88%90%67%91%91%
Steck Elementary School88%86%88%86%65%90%89%
Stedman Elementary School81%79%80%81%48%85%81%
Steele Elementary School91%87%90%89%70%93%91%
STRIVE Prep - Ruby Hill92%91%90%89%75%92%93%
Swansea Elementary School88%87%86%84%62%87%89%
Swigert International School96%94%95%93%83%95%96%
Teller Elementary School89%88%89%87%65%91%89%
Traylor Academy88%83%85%87%62%89%88%
Trevista at Horace Mann88%86%87%86%63%88%89%
University Park Elementary School93%89%90%93%81%94%92%
University Prep - Arapahoe St.74%73%72%76%45%81%77%
University Prep - Steele St.80%80%76%78%50%81%82%
Valdez Elementary School95%93%93%91%76%94%94%
Valverde Elementary School75%76%75%79%50%82%75%
Westerly Creek Elementary91%88%90%90%72%92%90%
Whittier ECE-8 School95%92%92%92%69%95%94%
William (Bill) Roberts ECE-8 School93%90%90%92%77%93%92%
Wyatt Academy95%94%93%89%67%93%96%
OverallChallengedEngagedHealthySafeSocially & Emotionally IntelligentSupported
Academia Ana Marie Sandoval*******
ACE Community Challenge School*******
Bear Valley International83%81%72%80%69%87%80%
Bruce Randolph MS80%78%67%78%70%85%78%
Bryant Webster Dual Language ECE-889%86%76%84%79%91%85%
Cesar Chavez Academy Denver73%73%61%70%63%84%68%
Compass Academy MS79%72%62%80%69%85%77%
DCIS at Montbello MS81%76%66%79%67%87%78%
DCIS MS75%70%65%75%57%85%69%
Denison Montessori School95%97%91%91%89%94%98%
Denver Center for 21stCentury Learning at Wyman MS81%74%64%82%74%84%81%
Denver Discovery School65%61%56%69%41%80%61%
Denver Green School84%82%72%81%70%88%82%
Denver Language School82%77%71%83%73%88%75%
Denver Montessori Junior HS75%70%60%74%61%83%70%
Denver School of Arts MS85%81%74%81%71%90%78%
Dora Moore ECE-8 School85%84%67%80%69%88%76%
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College MS78%74%64%75%59%84%75%
DSST: Byers MS83%81%71%80%73%88%79%
DSST: Cole MS70%68%56%73%56%82%67%
DSST: College View MS72%71%55%73%59%80%69%
DSST: Conservatory Green MS79%75%64%78%67%86%74%
DSST: Green Valley Ranch MS86%85%74%82%74%89%84%
DSST: Henry MS72%74%59%71%57%82%74%
DSST: Stapleton MS83%82%68%79%69%88%79%
Farrell B. Howell ECE-8 School62%56%49%70%49%79%58%
Florida Pitt-Waller ECE-8 School83%83%73%76%60%87%81%
Girls Athletic Leadership MS84%80%70%81%66%89%80%
Grant Beacon Middle School88%85%74%82%76%89%86%
Grant Ranch ECE-8 School58%57%49%62%39%74%55%
Hamilton Middle School60%59%50%64%41%76%55%
Henry World School76%77%61%73%56%83%73%
Highline Academy Southeast76%72%65%77%60%86%69%
Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences86%85%76%79%67%89%82%
Kepner Beacon82%77%70%81%71%86%81%
Kepner Middle School92%85%75%88%82%90%89%
KIPP Northeast Denver Middle School72%68%59%73%54%83%67%
KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy70%68%55%71%60%80%65%
Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy MS76%75%64%74%56%85%71%
Lake Middle School65%64%52%69%47%77%63%
Lincoln Elementary School*******
McAuliffe International School89%87%77%85%74%92%84%
McAuliffe Manual MS64%61%54%69%44%78%59%
McGlone Academy68%66%56%70%50%80%68%
Merrill Middle School80%77%67%78%64%85%76%
Morey Middle School84%77%71%82%72%89%82%
Noel Community Arts MS86%83%73%81%69%90%80%
Odyssey School of Denver78%71%62%81%70%89%75%
Omar D Blair Charter School51%49%44%61%24%75%45%
Place Bridge Academy77%74%64%75%57%84%72%
PREP Academy MS70%66%50%75%57%83%72%
Ridge View Academy Charter School*******
Skinner Middle School87%85%75%83%79%90%84%
Slavens K-8 School94%92%85%92%88%95%91%
STRIVE Prep - Federal88%85%75%84%79%89%86%
STRIVE Prep - GVR72%70%58%74%60%82%69%
STRIVE Prep - Kepner79%79%66%76%68%85%78%
STRIVE Prep - Lake78%75%62%77%69%84%74%
STRIVE Prep - Montbello63%61%48%68%44%78%61%
STRIVE Prep - Sunnyside74%71%58%74%62%82%72%
STRIVE Prep - Westwood73%71%57%72%61%80%72%
Summit Academy MS96%89%86%93%89%96%93%
The Boys School of Denver84%82%75%87%72%89%81%
Vista Academy MS85%80%71%81%63%89%84%
West Early College MS87%84%75%84%78%90%85%
West Leadership Academy MS83%81%71%79%67%87%80%
Whittier ECE-8 School88%81%72%80%68%91%84%
William (Bill) Roberts ECE-8 School92%89%81%88%83%93%89%
OverallChallengedEngagedHealthySafeSocially & Emotionally IntelligentSupported
Abraham Lincoln High School88%83%78%82%76%90%84%
Academy of Urban Learning87%83%79%81%74%88%81%
ACE Community Challenge School76%65%62%73%68%82%72%
Bruce Randolph HS89%84%79%79%76%89%85%
CEC Early College88%82%78%81%79%89%84%
Collegiate Preparatory Academy77%72%69%75%59%87%70%
Colorado High School Charter92%87%82%84%85%91%88%
Colorado High School Charter – GES85%76%72%77%76%87%83%
Compassion Road Academy88%83%77%80%79%88%82%
Contemporary Learning Academy HS88%82%76%82%80%89%84%
DCIS at Montbello HS79%73%67%74%64%84%75%
DCIS HS70%64%60%69%55%80%63%
DELTA HS86%78%75%80%75%89%82%
Denver Center for 21stCentury Learning at Wyman HS91%79%75%81%82%89%87%
Denver Justice High School94%86%82%85%88%92%88%
Denver Montessori Senior HS88%83%80%83%77%89%85%
Denver Online High School94%89%86%87%91%94%94%
Denver School of Arts HS83%79%75%76%68%88%76%
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College HS87%83%78%79%70%90%83%
DS Innovation & Sustainable Design72%68%63%67%54%82%70%
DSST: Byers HS83%80%71%75%75%86%79%
DSST: Cole HS79%77%66%70%65%83%78%
DSST: College View HS84%80%70%76%72%86%81%
DSST: Conservatory Green HS90%87%82%84%84%91%89%
DSST: Green Valley Ranch HS84%81%73%77%74%88%81%
DSST: Stapleton HS87%83%77%80%76%89%83%
Early College of Denver81%76%73%75%71%86%76%
East High School85%80%75%80%69%89%77%
Emily Griffith High School91%85%80%83%85%91%90%
EXCEL Academy96%92%88%90%91%95%94%
Florence Crittenton High School93%90%86%85%81%92%91%
George Washington High School76%72%67%72%58%85%69%
Girls Athletic Leadership HS86%83%77%78%67%89%80%
High Tech Early College77%71%65%73%63%84%73%
John F. Kennedy High School77%71%64%75%63%84%71%
KIPP Denver Collegiate High School86%80%73%79%74%87%80%
KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy76%69%62%74%71%82%68%
Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy HS78%73%68%72%65%84%75%
Legacy Options High School88%81%76%80%80%89%84%
Manual High School91%86%81%84%79%91%87%
Montbello Career and Technical High School76%70%64%75%67%83%71%
Noel Community Arts HS80%77%71%72%64%86%76%
North High School82%76%69%76%69%86%76%
North High School Engagement Center87%84%74%78%72%89%82%
Northfield High School73%64%60%73%66%82%64%
PREP Academy HS88%88%75%80%81%88%87%
Respect Academy95%93%86%88%90%94%93%
Ridge View Academy Charter School79%71%66%79%69%85%72%
RiseUp Community School96%92%88%88%89%94%95%
South High School83%77%72%77%69%88%75%
STRIVE Prep - Excel81%75%70%76%68%86%77%
STRIVE Prep - RISE78%72%69%77%71%85%72%
STRIVE Prep - SMART Academy80%72%67%77%71%85%76%
Summit Academy HS96%93%89%90%90%96%94%
Thomas Jefferson High School84%76%72%80%74%88%76%
Venture Prep HS90%79%76%81%78%90%86%
Vista Academy HS87%82%77%78%74%89%86%
West Early College HS86%84%77%81%76%89%83%
West Leadership Academy HS78%74%68%74%62%84%71%

The results of the 2017-18 Whole Child Student Survey are in! We began gathering information in our annual student perception surveys and our school leaders are now using this data, in addition to with attendance and behavior indicators, to inform their school planning efforts. The survey data brings new insights into how our students are experiencing school.

Every school is different. The Whole Child Student Survey paints a clear picture for school leaders and educators, helping them tailor Whole Child goals and supports to best meet the needs of their unique and individual school community.

With this information, our school leaders have a clear picture of areas of strength and opportunity for their kids. They will utilize the data to set goals and identify improvement strategies in their school planning processes so that appropriate supports can be aligned and progress can be measured over time.

School leaders and educators can access resources and support available through the Whole Child Resource Bank to identify specific strategies in their focus area of choice. Each school’s goals and strategies will be documented in their Unified Improvement Plan.

We are one of the first school districts in the nation to attempt to define our Whole Child focus and to gather data that shows whether our students on making progress in these critical areas. We know we won’t reach our district vision of Every Child Succeeds without this focus.

Each spring, students will answer survey questions to evaluate the Whole Child environment in their school. Students are asked whether they feel challenged, engaged, healthy, safe, socially-emotionally intelligent and supported (the six components of the Whole Child). They’re also asked about how many days a week they eat breakfast and whether they have witnessed/experienced bullying at their school. We also look at chronic absenteeism and out-of-school suspensions as indicators of our success in supporting the Whole Child.