Support for the Whole Child

As part of DPS’s strategic plan, the Denver Plan 2020, we have committed to five goals designed to close academic achievement gaps and prepare all students for success in college and careers. One of those goals is support for the Whole Child.

DPS is leading the nation in focusing this level of effort and attention around Whole Child supports because we know – and research shows – it will not only improve academic outcomes, but is critical to achieving our vision that Every Child Succeeds.

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DPS Whole Child Goals

DPS is launching four interrelated tools that will help:

Whole Child Support

Whole Child Resource Bank:
School staff have access to planning tools to support consistent and equitable implementation districtwide.


Whole Child Student Survey:
To continually evaluate our progress and success.

Whole Child Accountability

School Unified Improvement Plans:
Embedding a Whole Child focus into the action plans for every DPS school.