What does Whole Child support mean for my child?

In Denver Public Schools we are committed to providing equitable and inclusive environments where we ensure students are Healthy, Supported, Engaged, Challenged, Safe, and Socially and Emotionally Intelligent.

Components of Whole Child Final

In Denver Public Schools, supporting the Whole Child means:

  • students learn about and practice a HEALTHY lifestyle
  • students are SUPPORTED by qualified, caring adults
  • students are ENGAGED in learning and connected to community
  • students are CHALLENGED academically and prepared for success in college and career
  • students are in environments that are physically and emotionally SAFE

As a parent, how can I support this work?

  • Engage in the Whole Child work! Tell your school leader about the needs and opportunities you see for your child or in your school community at large.
  • Volunteer in your school
  • We’re designing Whole Child Supports to meet the needs you see every day in your school community. We want to hear how we can improve our systems and supports. Provide feedback and suggestions on Whole Child Supports in DPS. (Form coming soon!)