Community Partners

Supporting the Whole Child is about putting students first, aligning resources to students’ needs and transforming student experience in DPS.

Denver Public Schools is committed to creating equitable and inclusive environments where we ensure success of the Whole Child. We believe our school environments should encourage students to pursue their passions and interests, support their physical health and strengthen the social/emotional skills they need to succeed. The Whole Child focus is evidence of our belief that all students deserve and benefit from safe and supportive learning environments that nurture and cultivate their talents and abilities in all areas of their development and their lives.

We Need Your Help

Get Involved

There are many ways you can support this work in our schools. For example:

  • Mental health providers can add in-kind services in schools with limited outside support.
  • Health Education partners can provide evidence-based, standards-based, culturally responsive health education curriculum in schools.
  • Food partners can partner with DPS to provide better access to healthy food especially in the summer and over holiday breaks, when families lack access to resources.
  • Out-of-school-time community partners can commit to incorporating physical activity into their program model.